Saturday, February 7, 2009

Helping Christians help Clean-up

In December 2008, one of my first blogs was about the collasping buildings in downtown Rich Hill, Mo. Here is a link to the earlier blog.
This blog is of the buildings in downtown Rich Hill, that were destroyed by high winds in December 2008.
The following pictures show todays volunteer clean-up by a group of Community Christians. The volunteer Christian clean-up group started this morning about 10:00 A.M. The leader of the volunteer group was "local Richhillian" Guy Nelson.

The above picture shows some of the vehicles that were donated to help with removal of the fallen debri. A dump truck and tractor were donated by Jimmy Greir and the other truck was donated by Clay Lyons.
Not pictured is a bobcat that was donated by David Terperning.
Lunch for the hungry Christian volunteer clean-up group was served sandwiches by Mr. Terpening's mom.
The above picture shows a truck dumping a load of bricks from the downtown buildings.
The group worked very hard to clean the metal, and other foreign debri away from the bricks before hauling them to the Dump.
There were six loads of debri from the fallen buildings removed to the Rich Hill City Dump.

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