Sunday, February 1, 2009

Colonel E. H. Brown

This blog comes out of a Missouri History book that Mary Kithcart loaned to me.
I would loved to have found a picture of Colonel Brown. But instead I settled on his house in Girard Kansas. They claim that after the Colonel founded Rich Hill he tried the same thing in Crawford County Kansas. But his second attempt at founding a town wasn't as successful as it was for Rich Hill.

We cannot close this chapter without a reference to the gentleman whose name appears above. He not only founded the town and laid it out, but has constantly been its good genius from the beginning. He has been foremost in all its enterprises, sparing neither time nor means in building it up and making its advantages known to the world. To his liberality, good judgment and untiring energy, Rich Hill practically owes its existence. Without his shrewdness the town site would have doubtless been covered with its original prairie grass, the rich mines of " black diamonds " would have lain undeveloped, and the railroads which have done so much to advance the material prosperity of the town and county, would have never been constructed. Whatever maybe the des­tiny of Rich Hill, the name of E. H. Brown will shine upon every page of its history with the brightest luster. Associated with Colonel Brown from the first settlement of the place, is M. S. Cowles, who, like the col­onel, has struck herculean blows in the interests of the city, and like him, too, is proud to share in its general prosperity. Mr. Cowles is president of the " Mercantile Company," which has a paid up capital of $75,000. He is emphatically a business man in every sense of the word, and is at the head of one of the largest and most flourishing business houses in western Missouri.

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