Monday, February 2, 2009

Miners Found

A friend of mine donated a picture of these Miners Metals. I think it is unique that the one metal gives the number of the Rich Hill Miners Union.
I really appreciate all of the people who have been sharing their momentos of Rich Hill for this blog.

The following information onthis blog came from the "Bates County Democrat" Butler, Mo. Thursday December 19, 1985 page 10.
Miners Found Alive
Rich Hill Mo. Dec. 1 The last of the imprisoned miners in No. 15 of the Rich Hill Coal Company , where yesterday's explosion occurred, was not reached till late this afternoon, although a party of searchers was at work all night. Two of the men believe to have been killed are yet alive, although the last one is still unconscious, and no account can be given by him and others, for the occasion of the disaster. Owen Meals, the mule teamster, was blown thirty feet by the force of the concussion. He is badly bruised and burned, but is not seriously injured. The dead body of James Donaldson, one of the shot firers, was recoveded, a little after midnight. He will be buried tomorrow. Dick Tones, his companion, was not reached till this afternoon. He was found half a mile from from the mouth of the shaft and was believed to be dead, but a faint sign of life is still present.

My cousin Vicki Barge has sent me a power point presentation of life as a miner. I just have not been able to share it on the blog. I am trying to figure out how to get the presentation posted on this blog.

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