Friday, February 20, 2009

4th of July Parachute Leap

This blog reminds me just how hard the 4th of July committee works to get great tallent for Rich Hill's famous for the 4th Celebration every year!

Rich Hill Review June 19 ,1926

This is one of the two airplanes that will be in Rich Hill July 5 th. The attraction committee for the big celebration today, Saturday signed a contract with the Bennett Transport Go, of Kansas City, for a complete Air Circus and two parachute leaps from the planes. This is only one of the many free acts planned for the giant celebration and home coming, Monday, July 5th.

Rich Hill Review July 6, 1926
At the big Fourth of July cele­bration here late Monday, a para­chute leap was made from an air­plane of the Bennet Air Transpor­tation company by Harold Grundy an athletic young man, who made the descent from a height of 3100 feet, landing safely in a cornfield out three miles east of the city. He was picked up by the plane. It was a thrilling performance and witnessed by a big crowd. Grundy was not so lucky in making a des­cent recently at Creighton, for he sustained painful injuries when he landed.

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