Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tonights blog was on the cover of the Wagon Wheels Insert to the Rich Hill Mining Review the June 29, 1978 edition.

Mrs. H. E. "Winnie" Winegar, Rich Hill Artist above: portrait drawn by Bob Schlyer another Rich Hill Artist and retired Art Teacher at Rich Hill High School.
Travel was the theme for this issue and at first Mrs. Winegar might seem an odd subject for the cover. However, those who attended her one-person art show last week-end may see the significance. By viewing her many paintings, viewers can travel to many places and see scenic places without leaving Rich Hill!
Mrs. Winegar herself was quite a traveler, both as a child and as a ministers wife. She lived in several midwest and western states.

The above painting is an original by "Winnie Winegar"
The picture above was my wifes home in Rich Hill. Winnie was my wifes neighbor. When my wife was young she would visit with Winnie almost daily. The house burnt to the ground in May of 1980. Winnie gave this picture to my wife as a wedding present in 1982.
According to my wife winnie had many talents, she said she used to help Winnie make hand braided rugs out of old coats and clothing.
Mrs. H.E. Winegar - "Winnie" passed away in 1985.

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