Saturday, August 23, 2014

Negro Leagues history in Bates County Missouri

Dixon discusses Negro Leagues history in Bates County Missouri
Phil Dixon, co-founder of the Negro League Baseball Museum, was at Bates County Museum in Robertson Hall to present a program about the legendary Kansas City Monarchs Baseball team.  In 1924, the Monarchs claimed a Championship title and Phil Dixon is attempting to present programs about every game the team played during that year. August 23rd, in the year 1923, the Kansas City Monarchs traveled to Rich Hill to play ball!

The museum was thrilled to host this important presentation and was great to hear what Phil had discovered about the Rich Hill game as well as learn more about the incomparable Kansas City Monarchs.
His program was  about a 45 minute power presentation with historic photographs, entertaining stories and colorful baseball poetry. Following the program the museum  hosted a free will offering luncheon complete with a traditional baseball park menu: Hot Dogs with all the fixin’s, nachos, soda pop, and ice cream.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Richard R. Northup Dog tags

Web site were I found Richard Northurp Dog tag

Some of the most intriguing items on the group are the dogtags that were on an old piece of wire when I got the group. 

Two of the dogtags are from men of the 60th CA , who died on the Japanese Hellship Arisan Maru ( Robert Nail and Roy Northrup ) in 1944 . The circular dogtag is made out of a coin and has a " T-42 " date on the back. It belonged to EM3c Emmett Lee Kilmer of the USS Canopus who was liberated in Manchuria at the end of the War . The final tag belonged to Major Reginald H Ridgely of the 4th Marines on Corregidor . He also survived the war and attained General rank in the USMC . I do not know how Chaplain Borneman came into possession of the tags. They all have a great deal of wear , corrosion, and some are bent. They were all on an old wire when I got them in his effects.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Picture from the David Wright Collection

Got these Pictures at Rich Hill Alumni {David Wright Collection} 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tom Perry and the 1968 Rich Hill baseball team

Rich Hill 1968 baseball team,
Got this picture from Tom Perry Facebook thanks Tom
Front, Kenny Ison, Danny Detienne, Tim Breckinridge, Tom Perry, Steve Landon, Kenny Vail. Back Row: Eric Nichols, Kip Linard, Steve Schofield, Dude Breckinridge, Tom Breckinridge, Chris Vail, Coach Larry Wilson, — in Rich Hill, MO.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Groundbreaking on the new Safe Room {6-13-14}

Groundbreaking on the new Safe Room {6-13-14}
Rich Hill Missouri

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Civil War veterans form GAR Post Wagon Wheels,August 14 1986

      Wagon Wheels,                                                       August 14, 1986 by: Mary Griffin
                     Civil War veterans form GAR Post 
     When Rich Hill was being settled twenty years after the Civil War, settlers from both the Union and the Con federate armies moved into this city. Veterans who had fought under the stars and stripes soon became acquainted with one another. Before long they decided to meet and draw up a petition for a GAR post here in Rich Hill.
     It was not long until the charter came through from the Department of Missouri, St. Louis, stipulating that the local organization would be known as General Canby Post No. 10 of the Department of Missouri, Grand Army of the Republic. Many of the people who were charter members were pioneers in the settlement of Rich Hill and continued to live here the rest of their lives.
     These veterans knew that the organization had first been formed in 1865-66 in Illinois by Major Benjamin F. Stephenson, surgeon and Rev. J. Rutledge, Chaplin both of the 14th Infantry. This organization was so popular that within the next twenty years that membership reached more than half a million.
     Each year the GAR held an annual encampment in different cities of the north. In 1883 the GAR held their encampment in Baltimore, Maryland. It was there that the organization gained national recognition. In 1885 more than thirty thousand marched in their parade in Portland, Maine. But by 1930 only twenty-one thousand names remained on the roll.
     In 1948 the Encampment was held at Grand Rapids, Michigan, with only five veterans marching in the parade. It was then that they decided that this would be the last Encampment and singing of "Tenting on the Old Camp Grounds" while this organization no longer exists, the memory still lingers among descendants of that war.
     The Rich Hill directory of 1883 gave information on the General Canby Post No. 10 GAR. The meeting for organi zation was held at McElroy's Hall located on the east side of sixth street between Walnut and Park Avenue. The directory also lists the following as the First Official Family of the local organization of the G.A.R.: S. G. Higgins,. Post Commander; R. H. Dale, Senior Vice Commander; J. B. Williams, Junior Vice Commander; S. B. Cole, Quarter master; George B. Huckeby, Adjutant; D.W.C. O'Neill, Chaplin; H. C. Jones, Officer of Guard; W. W. Wolfe, Officer of the Day; John W. Snider, Quarter master Sergeant; and John W. Scott, Sergeant Major.
     Canby Post No. 10 GAR lasted more than forty years locally and it is estimated that more than 300 members had joined the local post. The last two members were A. B. Henderson and J.  I. Brooks.
I recall that Mr. J. I. Brooks always had some one to place flags on the graves of veterans for Memorial Day.

The National tribune., April 03, 1884, Page 6, Image 6

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Rich Hill Tribune Rich Hill, Missouri Thursday, May 22, 1902

 High School commencement
The Rich Hill high School commencement exercises were eminently creditable to all engaged in them,from the invocation to the closing exercise.
"The Shadow Song"was rendered in Mrs. J.M Johanners best style which is only another way of saying it pleased everyone.
The salutatory ,"The path of glory in America," by Miss Mary Mattingly, was well delivered and well received by the audience.
Miss Blanch Edith Rhodes essay,"Self Made if Ever Made"was so true that everybody saw the point and it was a pleasing production.
"Life's Dream," rendered by the M.F.M. Quartet was an excellent piece of music sung in an excellent piece of music.Sung in an excellent manner by a club quartet that reflects credit upon the community in the excellent way in which they do things.
Miss Alta Matteson's Valedictory ,"Influence of Associates,"Was an elegant production by one of Rich Hill's best young ladies.
The Piano Solo by Prof. Kimbrough was delightful to lovers of music.
Rev.W.T. Pyles address was appropriate excellent and appreciated by the audience.The presentation of diplomas was then made by F.H. Chevertoo,President of the School Board.
The closing item on the program.In the hour of softening Splendor, was splendidly rendered by a quartet,misses Lutie Winchell, Gertrude Cheverton,Florence Slater and Maggie Hughed
Every went off smoothly and to the satisfaction of all under the splendid management of Prof S.M. Barret and his associates.