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Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church History

 Lutheran Church History-from the book the Town that Coal Built
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized November 21, 1883 in a boarding house operated by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cane. Some of the early members were Fred Cane, John Klumpp, August Elgert, Joseph Ochsner, Frank Yarick, John Farrer, Wm. Fritz, John Marquardt, Albert Kleiwin and H. Schwamb.
Most of these German Lutherans settled in the North part of town. Probably, so as to be closer to their work in the mines to the North and Northwest of town and the smelter.
Rev. Niederwimmer was the first Pastor. Their first church was several blocks North of the present church. The membership grew every year, and they outgrew the small church building which was also used for parochial school. During that time they bought land from Robinson for a cemetery, also bought 2 lots on the southeast corner of 4th and Chestnut. They bought the present church building from the Methodist Church, and moved it to the west lot in 1890. In 1892 they moved the little church to the east lot, and added on 2 large rooms in the front of it. This building served as the parsonage, and the back part as the schoolroom.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 1932, Arthur Schardt was pastor then. The last resident pastor here was Edward Haferman. He left in 1942. In 1957 we celebrated our 75th anniversary. Rev. Ritterling was our pastor and also of Nevada St. Paul Lutheran Church. The parsonage was rented until 1971 and is still used as a "get-to-gather" place for the congregation. The ladies of the church also use it to meet in.
Richmond Anderson of Kansas City is our present pastor. We have services the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays from the 1st of March through December. Time is 8:30 A.M., as he also serves the Nevada St. Paul Church, after our services.

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The ORDINANCE where the Lutheran Church turned over the cemetery to the City of Rich Hill - October 1961

0692 – Lutheran Cemetery

BE IT ORDAINED by the Council of the City of Rich Hill, Missouri, as follows:
Section 1:  The Mayor of the City of Rich Hill, Bates County, Missouri, for and on behalf of said city is hereby authorized to enter into the following contract for the acquisition of certain land for cemetery purposes:
     THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this 1st day of October, 1961, by and between the LUTHERAN CHURCH of Rich Hill, Missouri, First Party, and CITY OF RICH HILL, Bates County, Missouri, Second Party, WITNESS:  that,
     WHEREAS, First Party is the owner of the following described real estate in Bates County, Missouri, known as the Lutheran Cemetery, to-wit:
Beginning at a point 27 Rods 1’6” East of the Southwest corner of Section 6, Township 38, Range 31, (otherwise described as the Southeast corner of the Catholic Cemetery) running thence East 307 feet, more or less, to a fence thence North 280 feet, thence West 307 feet, more or less, to a point directly North of the place of beginning thence South 280 feet to the point of beginning; and,
WHEREAS, the members of the Lutheran Church of Rich Hill, Missouri, recognize that maintenance of such cemetery will become a serious problem in the future; and,
     WHEREAS, the City of Rich Hill, Missouri, has a need for additional burial grounds;
      It is, therefore, agreed, as follows:
      The Lutheran Church Council of the Lutheran Church of Rich Hill, Missouri, shall convey to the City of Rich Hill the property above described as a burial ground. Second Party agrees that it will restore all existing graves and stones in such area and will permanently maintain the entire cemetery above referred to.
     It is further agreed that the tract immediately west of the present driveway in such cemetery, being otherwise described as:
 Beginning at a point 507 feet East of the Southwest corner of Section 6, Township 38, Range 31, running thence North 164 feet, thence East 84 feet, thence South 164 feet, thence West to the point of beginning,
Shall be reserved for burial by members of the Rich Hill Lutheran Church and their families.
     Proceeds from the sale of lots reserved for Lutheran burials in the paragraph last above shall go to the Rich Hill Lutheran Church, but such church will abide by all the existing practices of the cemetery.
     It is further understood and agreed that many lots for burial have heretofore been sold By First Party and that any dispute as to the ownership of any lost previously sold, or alleged to be previously sold, will be resolved by First Party.
     It is further understood and agreed that all expenses in connection with this contract and the conveyance here under shall be assumed by Second Party.
     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, First Party has caused this contract to be signed in its behalf by the Lutheran Church Council of the Lutheran Church of Rich Hill, Missouri, and Second Party has caused this contract to be signed by its duly authorized Mayor the day and year first above written.
Fred Marquardt
John Denayer
Lawrence Denayer-Lutheran Church Council

Marvin Hurst-Mayor

Lily White-City Clerk

     Section 2.  This Ordinance shall be in effect from and after its passage and approval.
     Read three times and passed this 10 day of October 1961.
Marvin Hurst-Mayor
Lily White-City Clerk

Approved this 10th day of October 1961
Marvin Hurst

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Pictures from Rich Hill Alumni 2015

Pictures from Rich Hill Alumni 2015

These three pictures had the name Emma Henely on the back.
The one taken in front of county school might be Mission Branch.
The other two were taken at Byant School -Rich Hill.
The small group had the Emma Henley name and Rich Hill Freshmen 
Class of 1921
The two group picture were taken by Brown Studio of Harrisonville ,Mo

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Willard Clark Henderson : WWII Experience

WWII ExperienceDESCRIPTION: Joplin News Herald Friday September 29 1944 Page 7

Says-Then there was the experience of Staff Sergeant Willard C.Henderson of Shell City,Mo. He bumped into a German officer unexpectedly in a tunnel and in a fraction of a second each had poked a weapon against the other[s abdomen.
Drop it"Henderson yelled,
The German's automatic clattered to the floor.
Henderson rounded up the officer and 22 other Germans in the tunnel and ushered them all out.

Willard Clark Henderson Obit

He was married Aug. 14, 1947, in Berryville, Ark., to LaVern Barker, and she survives of the home.
He grew up in Schell City, and went to Flat Rock School there. He finished his last two years of school in  Nevada. He joined the U.S. Army on Nov. 11, 1942. He served in Europe during World War II. Among the medals he received was a bronze star, a silver star, as well as two purple hearts, the second of which was received when he was wounded while he was among the first to go through the wall in Breast, France. He went to California in 1952 where he lived and worked for 26 years before moving back to Rich Hill, in 1978. He was a welder and mechanic most of his working life. He owned and operated Henderson and Sons Garage in California with his three sons. Following his retirement, he went to work for Balk's Farm Implement in Vernon County.

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Club 44 Ad -The Nevada Daily Mail - Sep 16, 1960

Club 44
Ad -The Nevada Daily Mail - Sep 16, 1960
Round &Square Dance
Trap Shoot

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Rich Hill Insurance Calendar 1897-1965

Rich Hill Insurance Calendar 1897-1965

The Calendar says-We celebrated our 13th Birthday in 1897 and 81st in 1965 
Rich Hill Insurance 
   Security Bank Bldg.  ::   Rich Hill, Missouri  
Specializing in Truck Insurance
Phone 395-2111

The top pad says:
  This Calendar ,long out of print,may seem incorrect... but here's a hint
Every year in history Has it"TIME" when dates agree.

And though 1897 is the printed date.1965 is it perfect mate.
The pad's correct you can rely on this useful calendar of days gone by.

And so we're happy to revive Lovely Lillian for 1965
It was she who made the 1890's gay
And we thought you'd enjoy her yet today

And with this sweet alluring creature
you also get another feature
Look at the pad and you can foresee
Things to come in the "next century" 


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U.S., African American Newspapers, 1829-1947 for Homer Kimbrough

Wichita Kansas  Dec 241898 Nesspaper

  Killed in a Rich Hill Mill Collapse-Rich Hill Mill . Collapse 

Rich Hill Mo. Dec.21--A portion of the Rich Hill mill collapsed at 1 o'clock this Morning. Homer Kimbrough a transfer man was caught by timbers and crushed. The building was badly damaged.