Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lt.(jg) Donald Droz Killed In Vietnam

Tonight's blog is a Eulogy to LT. Donald Droz Written by Bill Perkey Published Thursday, April 17, 1969 in the Rich Hill Mining Review

On September 29, 1943, the name Donald Glenn Droz became a reality, then a few days later a few more people had heard the name, then weeks turned into years and it seemed the name was one that was going to be known by a great number of people.
Don Droz was a perfectionist, but not stuffy with a magnetic personality that fit him into any group at any­time. Even in his younger years this was evident. As I remember in the springtime and up into the summer you could find most of the boys in town, playing sand lot baseball over at Don's house, not because his was the only lot in town, but because it was just a good place, to be.
As the years rolled along the name Don Droz became familiar to more and more people, in his school he excelled as an honor student, being valedictorian of his class. He was a talented musician, and he graduated from Rich Hill High as one of its better athletes. And then (as it should have been) Don was accepted into the Naval Academy at Annapolis, (to me Don was "the type of young man that should represent this country as America's finest). While Don was away studying and training at the Academy many people missed the pleasant blond-headed boy often seen in an old sweat shirt, cut off blue jeans fishing pole in hand and heading for the river for an afternoon of "just livin'."
Many people thought that Don, being away from the small town for so long and attending the academy, that when he came home he would be wearing a stuffed shirt. Well when he graduated from the academy and came home in his sparking clean and stiffly creased dress blue uniform he could indeed carry his head a little higher, but it didn't Lt. (jg) Donald G. Droz long to jump into that old sweat shirt and grab that old fishing pole and become just plain old "Don" again.
Don was indeed a brilliant and talented person that still knew how to hold the common touch. And it is for this reason that he will be loved and respected by many and many of us, and I am sure that many will join me in saying that Don will always be one of Rich Hill's favorite sons.
Don was the second Rich Hillian to give his life for his county in Vietnam. A year ago this April 18, Jerry Boyles gave his life that might maintain the cause of peace. I am sure that memory of these two patriots of peace will be held dearly in the future of all of us.
" Those who die for the cause of peace, may they rest in peace"

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