Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don Droz

Tonights blog is a tough one! There is absolutely no way anyone can talk about the History of Rich Hill without mentioning the Donald Droz story. I will list several links to websites where you can read the Donald Droz Story. This blog was inspired by my daughter who came home from school yesterday and said, they were watching a documentary in her high school drama and film class. She said, the name of it was Be Good Smile Pretty. She said, " What a sad story!" I thought to myself, Yes, that was a sad documentary. My most memorable part of the documentary is when the mother showed his daughter his initials carved into the mortar near the rear door of the Methodist church. Later that same evening, I went to my usual Lions Club Meeting. After the meeting I was warming up my vehicle looking East down Park Street like I have seen in several post cards and pictures. I began thinking to myself, would Rich Hill have been a different town if Mr. droz had survived Vietnam?

Be Good,SmilePretty
The Virtual Wall
CBS News

Donald Droz was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. He was the skipper of PCF-43 which was assigned to Coastal Division Eleven. On April 12, 1969, as the Division was providing transportation and riverine assault coverage on the Duong Keo River, they were attacked by heavily-armed Viet Cong forces. 2 men, including Lt. Droz, were killed, 12 were wounded, and 3 were untouched in the attack. The PFC-43, which was loaded with explosives, exploded after all the men were recovered by Vietnamese Marines.Lt. Droz's name is on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall, on Panel 27W Row 63.
The above story comes from findagrave

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