Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rich Hill's First Football Game

This blog is from the Rich Hill Review September 1926 issue.
Football has long been an attraction for Rich Hill Sports Fans. The following article is about the beginning of Rich Hill Football. Coach Argenbright had a rough but eventful first season.

First Game proves Rich Hill to be real Football Team

Nevada defeated the Rich Hill High School football team on the local field Friday, 12 to 6. This defeat is really enthusiastically received by the local rooters and school as a victory for its is the first football game Rich Hill ever played, and the first game that three-Fourths of the Rich Hill team ever saw. Coach Argenbright has certainly instilled a world of football knowledge into the local school boys in three weeks they have been working. Nevada is one of the oldest schools playing in this section and always one of the leading teams. To score against them and to hold them to two touchdowns is a good omen for the future team.

During this same season the team went on to play SBU a college team at Bolivar. Even though the team was skunked by Bolivar they were still very impressed with their performance.

Two years later the Rich Hill Football team wins the First Bates County Championship.
This was the very beginning of Rich Hill Football which is still played today
at Rich Hill High School.

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