Sunday, February 8, 2009

Large Group At CB Chili Supper

After recently seeing a group of Christians voluntarily helping clean up the fallen buildings in downtown Rich Hill.
I began to think back in time when the citizens of Rich Hill were activily participating in the Community Betterment Program.
The following blog was taken from the Community Betterment book at the Rich hill Memorial Library. I found the following picture and article which were printed in the Rich Hill Mining Review December 21, 1967.

More than 100 persons gathered in the Rich Hill High school lunch room Thursday evening, Dec. 14, to attend a meeting of the Community Betterment club and enjoy a supper of chili, pie and coffee.

The tables were decorated with baskets of evergreen and Christmas flowers and candles.

The meeting was opened by chairman Bill Perkey who announced that Mr. Lee DeAtley, of Jefferson City, Mo.who was scheduled to be the main speaker, was unable to be here because of the ice conditions of the highways. In a telephone call Mr. DeAtley stated that he had contacted the Missouri State Highway Patrol and they had advised him not to make the trip as the highways were hazardous, especially in the area surrounding Jefferson City. Mr. Perkey introduced Mr. Samuel P. Marshall, Butler, Mo. from the Missouri University, Columbia, Mo. who is area extension agent for the community planning and the advantages to a city.

Following Mr. Marshall's talk, Mr. Perkey gave a report of the progress made so far by the Community Betterment in Rich Hill. His report was very gratifying.

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