Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rich Hill 12-13-2008 Buildings Fall

The Old Western Auto Building located in downtown Rich Hill, Missouri collapsed due to high winds at approximately 10:30 A.M. on Saturday December 13, 2008. The Old Western Auto Building collapsed into what used to be Toppy Clark's Corner Drug Store.

Picture # 1 (below) This is all that is left of the Old Western Auto Building after the wind gusted hard enough to knock down the East wall.

Picture #2 (below)
This is the back view of the same building.

Picture #3 (below) This is the track hoe taking down the Old Toppy Clark Drug store.

Picture#4 (below) This picture is of the two buildings after they were taken down. this picture was taken from 5th and Park Avenue facing East towards 6th and Park Avenue.
Picture #5 (below)
This picture was taken from 6th street facing West towards 5th street after the building were knocked down.

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