Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rich Hill Mining Review, May 31 1917

Owner of Rich Hill Plant Submits His Report--No Action Taken
The joint meeting of the city council and commercial club called for Tuesday night at office of City Attorney H. E. Sheppard to consider the proposed telephone rate. Advance was not well attended. Mayor Jones and members of the council were there but the number of business men present was surprisingly small, considering the importance of the question. Attorney E. B. Silvers of Butler, representing Mr.Campbell, the owner of the Rich Hill' phone sys­tem, submitted an-elaborate report, calculated to show why an increased-rate is asked by the company, a brief . "Synopsis of which was given yesterday. The substance of Mr. Campbell's report, as presented by Mr. Silvers was that its physical valuation is placed by a consulting engineer at $25,243; and further, the total earn­ings of the plant last year was $1371.24, and claiming the earnings should have been 3,817.34, based on 8 percent for investment and 7 percent deterioration. The matter was then discussed generally, The ques­tion of improvements in the service was pointedly put up to the company but nothing definite was promised. The report was received and ordered filed by the council.
Rich Hill Mining Review, May 31 1917
Today the telphone service in Rich Hill is owened by KLM Telephone

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