Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hutchens Bros. Buy Coop.

The following blog came from the Rich Hill Mining Review August 31,1972 edition.
I want to thank Dixie Glynn at the Rich Hill Memorial Library for the help she has given me by finding this article.

Kenny and Lyle Hutchens have purchased the Rich Hill Co-op. The two are large farmers on the north and east of Rich Hill, with 2500 acres in operation. They run some cattle and hogs along with large crop farming.
They plan to work the Co-op in with their own farming operations and continue the present service the Co-op has provided in the past. The only additions planned right now is the addition of more bins to handle it faster.
While both brothers will help with the Co-op an the farming, Kenny will be at the Co-op doing the bookkeeping and Managing, with the help of Rex Robb, while Lyle will do more of the farming.
The brothers bought the operation from Horace Johnson.

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