Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feb.1932 Rich Hill Mining Review

Fire was discovered at 9 o'clock Saturday night at the Ous Kien-berger residence property a block south and a block west of the high school building, which burned fearlessly, destroying the building and contents, the house being oc­cupied by Albert Main and only a few personal articles being saved. Fire Chief Vodry and force of firemen responded to the alarm, but were delayed by a lack of suf­fcient length of hose and had to return to headquarters to secure more fire hose. The origin of the fire is supposed to have been from sparks from a flue setting fire to the roof. Mr. Kieoberger esti­mates his loss at $1800, partially insured with the 0. M. Leedy agency. Mr. Main's household goods were insured for $300 with the Hoover & Hupton agency.
The house was originally erected some twenty years ago by Attor­ney J. K. Hales.

N. E. Wright, better known as Newt. Wright of Lone Oak town ship, was in Rich Hill Saturday and announced his candidacy for sheriff of Bates county at the August primary. He has long been a resident of the county, having lived on the farm upon which his father, Joe Wright, settled in 1857. He has always been a loyal democrat, but has never before ' asked for a county office. He is a genial gentleman and is qualified to fill the office of sheriff and would appreciate the support of the voters

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