Monday, December 8, 2008

The Rich Hill Mining Review July 29,1955 Anniversary Edition

The following Blogg information was loanded to me by a local business woman Mary Kithcart , owner of Kithcart's Orchard, located just 5 South of Rich Hill, Missouri. Before I start my blogg I have to say, "Thank you to Mary, for loaning me the original old newpaper article and making this blogg possible." Thanks Mary!

Every town points with pride to citizens and former citizens who have become famous, and the citizens of Rich Hill are equally as proud of its famous sons and daughters. We feel that, Rich Hill has produced more famous people than any other town of the same size in the United States.
Rich Hill has set forth men and women who have become movie stars, great physicians and surgeons, high ranking men and women in the educational fields, professors in big colleges in the United States, writers and many other professions.
We would like to mention every person from Rich Hill who has become famous but with the large number deserving that honor we might overlook somebody and Rich Hill is proud of everyone of them that to name only a few would certainly be an injustice to the ones not mentioned.
However, a former Rich Hillian has become so famous nationally and internationally the past few years that we feel that he should be named Rich Hill's number one former resident for 1955. He is Cleo F. Craig, President of Amercia Telephone and Telegraph Company, who is regarded as one of the ten biggest men in the United States.
Cleo F.Craig was born on Maple street in this city. He grew to young manhood here and following his graduation from Rich Hill High School, entered Missouri University at Columbia Mo. After graduation from the university he accepted an office position with the telephone company in Kansas City. Later he was transferred to St. Louis. He later was appointed vice president of the company and sent to New York. In 1951 he was appointed president of the company.
Mr. Craig was one of the men responsible for the most scientific and industrial venture of this day-- the laying of the first trans-- atlantic telephone cable. He recently made trips to England, Canada and Alaska on business matters for the telephone company.
Rich Hill is as proud to call Mr. Craig a favorite son as Mr. craig is to call Rich Hill his home town. Mr. Craig is a brother of City Clerk John Craig, of this city."

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