Friday, December 26, 2008

The Faculty, and the Class of 1930 Rich Hill High School

This Article and Pictures came from the May 15, 1930 Rich Hill Mining Review

Carl Grim------------- Agatha Alms
Fern Erfkamp--------Lousie Ayer
Erma Fajen----------- Earl Ashley
Glenn Earsom-------Genevieve Sherman
D.U. Groce Superintendent
Louise G. Chapman, E
Laura E. Spitler Principal
Willie R. Faith -Teacher Training and Mathematics
W.E. Salisbury-English
W.E. Arganbright-Vocational Agriculture
McKinley Drybread -Commerce

Martin Marquardt ----------------Lucille Padgett
Viola Biewener---------------------Erna Fajen
Mary Griffin------------------------Charles Tarver
Eugene Dunham------------------Naomi Ganz
Cloe Dark---------------------Edna Chase Kinney
Darlene McGinnis-----------LaVaun Harr
Ova Chandler----------------Doris Adams
Marie Hughs-----------------Leland Shankland
Lloyd A. Wheeler -- Nancy Lee Nelson
Marjorie Bradley - -Howard Gregory
Johnnie Jamison -- Christine Weathers
Russell Pearson

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