Monday, December 15, 2008

Fire in City Hall

This story comes from the Rich Hill Minning Review (May 14,1981)

Fire damages city clerk’s office, moves council meeting
Fire did extensive damage to the city clerk's office in the Rich Hill City Hall Monday about 8 p.m. according to Fire Chief Cory Gordon. The fire apparently started in the west end of the office, said the chief.
Firemen were able to respond quickly to the call and had the blaze under control in about 15 minutes. The fire: tcw was also able to save all the permanent records, said City Clerk Sharon Wescott.
The cause of the fire was undeter­mined at press time Tuesday night. The Fire Marshal was called in and is investigating the fire.
Due to the fire the Tuesday night council session was held in the banquet room of the Cedar Inn. At the meeting both Mayor Bill Thelen and the city clerk complimented the firemen on their quick and efficient response to the call. Mayor Thelen also complimented the Women who work in the office for their efforts in getting the office back in operation. It's hoped that the clerk's office will be back in operation by Thursday or Friday. City business is now being conducted in the court room and the council chamber. We're hampered more by the mess than by loss of records, according to City Clerk Wescott.

In other action at Tuesday night's session Mike Cox was sworn in as north ward alderman. Cox won the position in the April election but employment out of state kept him from assuming his duties until Tuesday evening.
The resignation of Kathi Williams, assistant city clerk, was approved. She has agreed to stay on the job longer if necessary due to the fire.
A thank you note from Ruth Thelen was read.

Mayor Thelen announced that Fire Chief-Cory Gordon has been named Honorary Chief. Gordon's 38 years of dedication and service was recognized at the meeting.
In talking with Gordon following the meeting the Review learned that he first joined the volunteer crew as a fireman in 1943 under John Craig. He was appointed fire chief in 1955 when Craig retired. Gordon has seen a lot of fires in those 38 years. Ones that come to his mind include the Booth Theatre, the Clark's Pharmacy, the factory fire and the fire at Fred Marquardt's Grocery.
As Honorary Chief Gordon will still be taking care of the fire equipment and the paperwork but will be retiring as an active fire fighter.
In other action a bid was accepted on the sale of some street light fixtures and a bid was accepted to fix the library roof.
In the discussion period it was decided to look further into the pur­chase on pumps for the repair of water leaks. Alderman Cox brought up that action was needed involving a problem at the sewer treatment plant. It was decided that a committee would look into the matter.
Expense money was granted Judge Herb Covey to attend a seminar.

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