Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rich Hill Daily Review Aug. 21 1931 Farm to Market Road

State Road Makes Travel Communi­cation With Rest of County Possible.
With the first farm to market road in Bates County completed about ten days ago, the accessibility of the southwestern corner of the county is becoming realized. This road which extends from Hume, a town of 700 in the ex­treme corner, eastward to Rich Hill where it connects with U.S. highway 71 taps one of the most productive agricultural and industrial sections of the county. says the Hume Messenger.
The completion of this road now makes us Missourian. Our county seat is now less than an hour's drive away. It can be reached by all-weather road. Nevada the county seat of Vernon County on the south, is at a similar distance. And Rich Hill has become our next door, neighbor.
Now that Hume has no banking facilities this immediate travel connection with these towns should be and are appreciated.
Rich Hill Daily Review Aug. 21 1931

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