Thursday, January 22, 2009

Then and Now

This blog features a house ;located on Park Street in Rich Hill Missouri.
The top picture was lent to me by Samantha Hartman to use on this blog. Thank you Samantha for contributing to this blog. The picture of this house was dated 1974. In the information I received about the house said that it had 13 rooms plus a basement. It is one of the only Victorian style homes still standing in Rich Hill. The second picture was taken in December 2008 of the same home.
I am sorry to say that I do not have any history for this house.


Teachers Speak of Many Things said...

Bart, My grandparents were residents of Rich Hill, in a house on Park Ave., from (I think) the late 20s until shortly before my grandmother's death in 1978. Grandpa died in 1962. My family---grandma and grandpa, my mother, her brother and his wife---are all buried at Green Lawn. Grandma's house has been taken down, but the large house (belonging in my childhood to the Jones sisters) still stands. I still own one plot at Green Lawn, and I would like to donate it to someone in Rich Hill who is in need of a plot. Grandma was a member of the Methodist church, but i have been unable to get a response from them. Do you have any advice for me?

Kate Moore (granddaughter of O.P. and Dora Smith)

Tana Bennett said...

O.P. and Dora lived right across the street from this house, right? My aunt & uncle lived on the corner next to them. They built a "modern" house with a pool. He was a Dr. in Rich Hill for several years. My mother was her sister so we spent a lot of time there and played on the big lot between the two houses. The Jones sisters had us over a few times. I still love that old house.