Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Palmer-Pruett Lumber Yard

This blog information was copied from the November 6, 1969 Issue of the Rich Hill Mining Review. This issue of the Rich Hill Mining Review can be found at the Rich Hill Memorial Library. I would like to personally thank Mrs. Dixie Glynn (the librarian) for helping me find this article. Thank You Dixie!

The above picture is of the former Palmer-Pruett Lumber Yard located on the North corner of 7th and Maple in Rich Hill, Mo. in 1968.

A break-in at the Palmer-Pruett Lumber company sometime between the hours of 5 and 7:10 last Wednesday evening, proved fruitless for the would-be burglars.
Dixon Palmer, manager and co-owner of the company, closed the yard at 5 o'clock and went home for dinner. He returned at 7:10 to take inventory and found the place had been entered.
Entrance was gained through a west door into the show room by breaking out the glass. Mr. Palmer's return to the yard evidently frightened the burglars away before they were able to haul off their loot. Outside of the bulling near the gate was an armload of saws and skill-saws. Chances are that if Mr. Palmer had not returned to the yard the burglars would have cleaned the company of all saws, carpenter tools and other small items.
Deputy Sheriff Mike Schwander and a Trooper from the Missouri Highway Patrol arrived and took finger prints and began an investigation. To date no clues have been obtained.

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