Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Celebration of Our Seventy-Fifth Jubilee

I think this is the last image sent to me from Jeff Droz out of the of 75th anniversary paper. This picture is an add by Mayor Marvin Hurst and the Board of Aldermen from page 8 of the paper promoting the 75th Jubilee Milestone.

For those who cannot read the above ad because it it is so small, I have written out the ad as it appears in the picture.

Many young people of today have never seen a blacksmith shop . Yet time was when even the smallest village boasted at least one.

Times Have Changed and So Has Rich Hill.
Our vast coal fields have become depleted. Our webwork of railway facilities have been taken over by the truck and automobile. Our smelting plant, mills and factories are all gone, but we still retain our
Godgiven Indomitable, Preponderant Spirit
of one happy family, living peacefully and neighborly together without a thought to laying away worldly things which availeth not. So it is with this feeling and concern that we
Heartily Welcome You to Rich Hill to Join in the Celebration of Our Seventy-fifth Jubilee Milestone
The City of Rich Hill, Missouri

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