Friday, January 23, 2009

Rich Hill Track Championship

This blog was made possible by the archives left at the Rich Hill Memorial Library by Miss Mary Griffin who is now deceased.

The following article was copied partially from Miss Mary Griffins archives at the Rich hill Memorial Library. Part of the article is from the May 1, 1928 edition of the Rich Hill Daily Review.

The event described in it was quite a first for Rich Hill High School. On Thursday, April 30, 1928, the local track team won the championship of Bates County.

Front row, left to right; John Pace, Russell Pearson, David Janssens, Earl Sivils; back row, left to right; Carl Janssen, Fred Marquardt, Charles Kienberger, Jay Jenkins, Lester Weath­erman, and coach, Carl Chapman; Not in the picture were Herman Sick and Smith Weddington.

For the first time in the history of the high school. Rich Hill, won the track championship of Bates County.
This was perphaps one of the fastest and most closely contested meets ever held in the county. First one school and then another would be ahead in the number of points scored.
The contestirig schools were; • Adrian, Amsterdam, Butler and Rich Hill. The number of points scored by each were as follows: Adrian 38, Amsterdam 5 : Butler 28 1/2 , Rich ,Hill 41 1/2.
Rich Hill outclassed everything in the tournament, easily winning over their opponents.

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