Friday, January 9, 2009

Bates County Championship

The picture of Rich Hill Bates county Champions came out of the 1980 Book "The Town That Coal Built."
The blog article was taken from the Nov 3rd 1928 Issue of the Rich Hill Mining Review.

The Rich Hill Tigers by defeating Butler on a slick and water soaked gridiron 6 to 0 brought home the first Bates county championship in football, Friday.
During the first quarter of the game fumbles were very costly to the local boys. The ball being slick and muddy was fumbled twice and recovered by Butler, when in striking distance of their goal.
Butler seemed to rally during the close of this quarter and the first of the second quarter and ad­vanced the ball to Rich Hill's 45 yard line. Hare a pass was in­tercepted by Kienberger and he carried the ball to Butler's fifteen yard line. A series of line smashes by Lady, Marquardt and Capt. Janssesn made it first and ten and their Kienberger carried it over for the first and only touchdown of the game on an off tackle smash.
At this period of the game Smith and Bell were sent in to stop Butlers line smashes and both played a creditable game. Smith did his work well at end stopping the plays time after time before getting started.
The second half again was a battle with Butler attempting everything they had to score. At this time Dirk replaced Moreland at center and Jenkins replaced Yeaces. Butler sending in eight new men. Rich Hill held and again kicked the ball and held But­ler within their own forty yard line. During the last quarter it looked as if the officials would place Butler within striking dis­tance of a touch down, even with an unfair decision by the officials which netted Butler 3> yard* the Rich Hill boys stopped the offense arid again carried the ball to But less 15 yard line when the game ended.
Friday next local boys will play the strong Nevada team on the gridiron.

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