Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ed R. McQuitty

Ed R. McQuitty Obituary
Ed was a colorful person of Rich Hill.
I found his obit online and the picture came Jeff Droz. Thank you Jeff!

Ed R. McQuitty's Death
Died Aug 21, 1957. One of Leading Citizens Passed Away in Kansas City on Wednesday. A fine writer Ed was one of the "Old Timers" around here and was liked by all the people. Ed R. McQuitty, 87 years of age, died in Kansas City, Wednesday afternoon, at the home of his son Fremont where he had been staying for some time. He suffered a stroke a few days ago and never recovered from this attack. The death of Ed McQuitty takes one of the colorful figures from Rich Hill and one who was much beloved by all our people who knew him. He had lived here during the big boom years of the town and had been associated with all the high spots of the town. He had worked for the railroad for some time, but what he really loved was the newspaper game. And he contributed a great deal to that profession as he had the knack or gift of being a very fine writer. He had seen many things take place here and had the ability to tell about it in a most vivid manner. He also had a great sense of humor and could always see something amusing in most any incident and then could put it down on paper so you could see it too. We would say that he was sort of a connecting link between the old rollicking, rip snorting days of the big coal mines, the open saloons, the Saturday night fights, the happy go lucky attitude of the miners, and the present more quiet and peaceful days of good streets and pretty parks, good churches and schools and the quieter and less exciting days of the present. Ed wrote a cracking good article! People liked to read them as he had the happy faculty of bringing in a big lot of human interest in all his stories. He could take an ordinary incident and make it uproariously funny. We like to read his articles as did everyone in town and in the country around here who all knew Ed. Ed wrote the story of the history of the town for the Mining Review for the 75th Anniversary edition. He did a splendid job of it too. He brought little incidents in that story that brought the events back to the minds of the people who had forgotten them. He did a grand job on the affair. At the 50th anniversary, he ran a special edition and Ed had a good story in that paper that was enjoyed by everyone who read it. He worked like a Trojan on the publicity for the Shelter House and it was through his articles coupled with the work of the ladies of the Civic club did that the Shelter house was built and the great popularity of the house with the people of this entire section of the country is one of the more progressive moves that this town has done in many years. He loved baseball and was very active in getting our present fine baseball park built. He worked out there for weeks getting things in running order. He worked a great deal in helping put over our very fine Public Library. In fact you could count on Ed doing anything in the way of publicity to help any movement for the betterment of the town. He loved Rich Hill and was always glad to do what he could to better the town. Rich Hill has lost a valuable citizen in the death of Ed McQuitty. Whether it was in the roaring days of the coalmines and the saloons, or in the quieter days of today, Ed was always in the pitching for his town of Rich Hill. We know of no one who can take his place.

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