Monday, January 12, 2009

Soda Fountain Advertisement

This blog was taken from the Rich Hill Review Newspaper Sept.8, 1938 edition. The story was positioned along side of this picture in the "Old Rich Hill Review.

Install New Fountain

That this is truly an age of “steamline” was demonstrated at the Northup Drug Store Wednesday where workmen are installing a new steamline soda fountain.
The new fountain is one of the very latest models and only the most modern materials are used in its construction. It is built of a new material called Plymetal which is lighter and stronger than steel. This fountain made by Liquid Carbonic Corp. is narrower than any other soda fountain yet produced. It is only 30 ½ inches wide, which makes much easier for the dispenser to serve customers. The steamlining makes it more beautiful and because all sharp corners and services are eliminated it is very easy to keep spotlessly clean. It is chock-full of a new and interesting features. For instance, the syrup jars where flavors are kept are made stainless steel and rest in an ice water bath. The marble counter panels are imported. There is much storage space in the fountain.
The Northrup Drug Store is to be commended on their progressiveness. The installation of this new equipment should add to the splendid repu-tation they already enjoy.

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