Monday, January 26, 2009

1909 Rich Hill High Annual

Some people found this old Rich Hill Annual in closet and they sent it to the Rich Hill Memorial Library.

I found this story while browsing throught the pages of this old annual and I thought it was interesting.

In the early part of this year Prof. C. T. VanBenthusen, a teacher of Mathematics and history in the high school was stricken by paralysis while teaching a class. Fortunately he was recuperated enough to be out among his many friends, although unable to teach. Mr. VanBenthusen had been with us for sometime and was held in high esteem by all the pupils and teachers. In fact the entire student body has mourned his affection and anxiously awaited the news that he was out of serious danger. It is the unanimous hope that he will be able to resume his duties as teacher so that the school may once more feel his good influence. The toast of every High School pupil is- “ Here’s to you Prof. Van, may you have health and happiness.”


Vicki Barge said...

Bart - Could you look in the yearbook for some names? The names I have in Rich Hill were McMullen, Campbell, Westin, Mudd. They may have not gone to high school - so many didnt, esp. boys.

Bart McClaughry said...

Vicki I will look However in the 1909 Annual they pictures but no names. But there is a lady with a 1910 book and there are names init so I will look in it.