Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Rich Hill Bank

had a gentleman e-mail me, he was asking me questions about the Rich Hill Bank.
One question he asked was; Where did I get the picture? The answer, from the Rich Hill Memorial Library in an old souvenir book. The story I printed came from the 1955 memoirs of Rich Hill by Ed McQuitty

The Rich Hill bank opened for business in the early summer of 1881 with W. F. Tygard, president; Thos. Orr, vice president; C. G. Weeks, cashier and Triad Burch, as­sistant cashier. The bank building was then as it is today construcred of brick made in Rich Hill, with the excep­tion of the stone front. The stone was quarried and dressed in the neighborhood of Rockville and transported to Rich Hill by wagons.
The Rich Hill bank continued inuntil 1906. At that time the Bates County National Bank at Butler with F. J. Tygard, (a brother of W. F. Tygard, of the Rich Hill institution) president, failed on account of some infraction of the banking laws and in so doing, dragged the Rich Hill bank down with it. The old bank building is now owned and occupied by the Northrup Drug store.

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