Monday, October 5, 2009

The Rich Hill Banks Part 3

I found this unused F&M check on E-bay, it's from the 1920's
This story is from the 1955 memoirs of Rich Hill by Ed McQuitty
The Farmers and Manufacturers' Bank of Rich Hill commenced business late in 1882. J. C. Ferguson, of Fayette, Missouri, the principal stockholder, was president; J. C. Ferguson, vice-president; E. F. Sweeney, cashier and W. W. Ferguson and Robert T. Massie, assistant cashiers. A few years later W. W. Ferguson became president, John D. Moore, vice-president and John W. Jamison, cashier. Together with these officers, George Templeton and E. N. Hurst were also directors. It was while these gentlemen. were at the helm when, on a clear, winter's night in 1907, the bank was burglarized and blown up. Recovering from this misfortune the damage from the blast was repaired and the bank continued in business until the national crash came in 1930, when practically every bank in this section closed their doors. Mr. E. F. Sweeney, above mentioned, ultimately climbed to the presidency of the First National Bank in Kansas City.

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