Friday, October 9, 2009

Fastest Cigar Rollers in the State of Missouri

This story came Wagon Wheel Jan. 1977. Randy Bell took the story from the Rich Hill Daily Review in 1917

This item was taken from a 1917 issue of the Rich Hill Daily Review.

The demand for 8 cents El Nilos is such, that if the present force should work steady, they could barely fill orders now on hands, without selling another cigar between now and Jan. 1st next.

Scarcity of skilled labor has made it necessary for the workers to do their ut most to turn out the greatest number cigars possible, resulting in some of the fastest cigar makers in the State of Missouri. Mrs. Nona Fuqua Ashley, has the record for rolling a greater number of cigars, regular time between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., of any cigar maker that ever worked in our shop during , our 33 years experience, and is an expert wrapper I cutter, and has learned her trade through begining at the bottom and working up, and account I of such has drawn in wages for 1 week as much I as $35.50, being the re cord of shop for above.

Another out and out cigar maker, who has learned the trade out and out, commencing at the bottom and working up is Miss Lola Merchant, who for the past week's work, including over time, drew $36.50, which is the largest amount of money ever paid a cigar maker, during 33 years in one single week. Miss Merchant also holds the record of bunch breaking, breaking 2350 bunches a day, being 500 more than is claimed for the machines capacity.
Others Following close behind are:E.C. Carlisle out and out cigar.Florence Miller, fast roller.Paul Rowland,out and out cigar maker. Neva Dibble, out and out cigar maker. Estella Dungan,roller. Jessie Evans, roller.Pauline Carlise, out and out cigar maker.Daisy Cooper, bunch breaker.Anna Thornton, bunch breaker. Cloe Boyer,bunch breaker. Anna Cooper, bunch breaker, and other. Heck&Ruble Cigar Manufacturers

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