Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can anyone help

 I got your contact info off of the Rich Hill Blog. 
 I am a historian in northern Minnesota. 
 I am writing a book on the 1938 Midwest crime spree of St Louis desperadoes 
John Couch and James Otis Meredith.  On July 30, 1938, 
Couch and Meredith, along with James Clyde Reed held up E. McKinney at the 
Skelly filling station just south of Rich Hill.  Randy Bell  sent me a great story on the 
incident from the  4 AUG 1938 Mining Review.  I am just about ready to wrap up the book, 
and am desperately looking for a photo of the Skelly Station to use in the book.  
I have photos from just about every place they held up on their spree, and would 
very much like to get this one as well.  I am hoping that you might be able to track one down,
 or know someone who might be able to help out.  Your assistance is very much appreciated! 
 Mark Anderson Bemidji, MN 

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