Sunday, September 20, 2009

Post from Rootsweb

I found this story on Rootsweb Message Board
A newspaper report from the time is as follows:
"July 20, 1938
11:00 p.m.
The Skelly Filling Station on Highway 71 at Rich Hill, Missouri, was robbed.
Three men had been to the station shortly before, and had the attendant put $3 worth of gas in the car. They returned a short time later armed with a sawed off shotgun and revolvers. They had the attendant, E. McKinney, fill the gasoline tank of their car.

The men took $50 from McKinney and all the cigarettes and candy he had in the filling station. McKinney was led to a back room and bound hand and foot with wire. As he lay trussed up, McKinney was smashed across the head with a gun. When he regained consciousness he found his place had been ransacked."


Trinity said...

Wow, thats brutal and so long ago. I always enjoy reading the historical articles about Rich Hill when I get the chance! Thanks for the blogging!

Bart McClaughry said...

Your support is appreciated