Thursday, September 10, 2009

F.M. Koontz Radio Program

Rich Hill Daily Review September 18,1931

First of new series of Radio programs over station WDAF

This Friday Evening Dedicated to F. M Koontz of this City by Kansas City Wholesale Grocery Co.

The Kansas City Wholesale Grocery, home of Pickwick, dedi­cates the first of its new series of radio programs which are to go out over WDAF (the Kansas City Star) from 8 to 8:30 o'clock this Friday evening, Sep. 18, to one of Rich Hill's foremost citizens, Frank M. Koontz, who has been with the Kansas City Wholesale Grocery Company for 29 years, the longest continuous record in this respect of any of the company's salesmen. Therefore, this new series is dedicated to Mr. Koontz, and his customers in Rich Hill, Adrian , Butler, Hume, Metz, Lamar, Nevada and other towns. This indeed is a neat compliment to Mr. Koontz who is not only recognized as a salesman of ability, but a recognition of his enterprising spirit in the upbuilding of Rich Hill's best interests. So tune in and hear an interesting program given in his honor by the Kansas City Wholesale Grocery Company, one of the leading houses west of Chicago.

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