Friday, September 11, 2009

S.B. Cole- Water & Electric Plant As One

The story and picture is from the Rich Hill Western Enterprise Newspaper Feb. 14, 1913

In 1909 Samuel B. Cole was elected Mayor of the City of Rich Hill. He believed that there should be more economy in the operation of the municipal plants.
He took hold of the situation in a business like manner by first moving the motive power of the electric plant under the same roof where the engine of the water plant was located. This reduced the hands to one and made one engine serve for one most of the time. This was a very commendable move,because it saved fuel,labor and machinery in the operating of the two plants.
Mayor Cole has been active in getting the bonds for the new electric light and power plant. He and the city council have proceeded with due caution in making a good sale of the bonds and letting the contract for construction. They are working for the interest of the city and the future consumers of electricity.

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