Friday, April 17, 2009


Tonights blog I found in the City Council minutes for July 12, 1898.
It pertains to fire limits for Rich Hill.
North part of Block 85 is on Southside maple in between 7th and 6th
North part of Block 84 is on Southside maple in between 6th and 5th
South part of Block 52 is on the northside walnut in between 7th and 6th street
South part of Block 53 is on the northside Walnut in between 6th and 5th street


Some of the Reasons Why He Is Opposed to the Extension of the Fire Limits at this particuar.
To the Honorable: Board of Alderman

Gentlemen: — I herewith return to you Ordinance No. 292. concerning
the fire department, amending Or­dinance No. 277 and extending the fire limits, without, my approval, for they following reasons :

1st. The north part of Block 85 being almost exclusively occupied by a lumber yard , any addition of frame buildings that may be erected thereon would not increase the risk in the slightest degree; besides, there is no room in said north part of the said block for any other buildings, the balance of the space not occupied by the lumber yard being occupied by brick buildings; hence the application of the ordinance to said block is without any reason or just cause to support it.

2d. The lines of business that have always been carried on in the north part of Block 84, and that it is likely to be carried on in said block, if any at all, is of such nature as not to justify the expenditure of large amounts of money in the construction of brick or stone buildings; and if this ordinance be passed, the result will be to exclude from that block all the lines of business that can profitably be carried on there, and will amount to a prac­tical confiscation of all the real es­tate situated in said part of the said block, which I am not willing to do.

3d. What is said of Block 84 can be as fully and truthfully said of the south part of Block 52. And we might as well extend the fire limits to all parts of the entire city as to Block 52.

4th. As to the south part of Block 53, the experience of those who have invested their money in brick buildings there is not such as to encourage others to invest any money in brick or stone buildings along there. Business along that block in the past, has not been such as to make it profitable to put much money in buildings. And, besides, all these blocks are so isolated from the main business blocks of the city as to render danger from them very remote.
As a summary of my objections, the extension of the fire limits to these four blocks would prevent those already burnt out, or those likely to be burnt out, from rebuilding, and would convert the ground into a weedy waste, and would amount to nothing as a protection to the business part of town sought to be benefitted by this ordinance.
Let us welcome any good frame buildings, that may be constructed on any of, these blocks,

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