Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comprehensive Plan 1969

The blog tonight comes from a Comprehensive Community Plan from 1969. This is a very interesting book that I found tucked away upon the shelves of the Rich Hill Memorial Library. There are many interesting ways of improving our community as well as information about the forcasted future of Rich Hill.

City of Rich Hill

November 17, 1969
This planning report has been prepared over the past year at a cost of $10,500 of which two-thirds was a Federal matching grant through the State of Missouri, Department of Urban Affairs.
You will note from this report which touches on all aspects of the growth pattern and development of the City of Rich Hill, that there are many serious problems be-setting this community. Most of these prob­lems are linked either directly or indirectly with our past history of de­clining population. However, from this community inventory and analy­sis, and proposed planning recommendations itappears quite logical and probable that the City of Rich Hill can stabilize this declining population and perhaps reverse the trend if the citizens will rally behind and support such recommendations.
The City needs improvements to its water system, sewer system, street system, schools, parks and playgrounds, off-street parking, etc. These are expensive items to provide. Unless they are provided, the City of Rich Hill will not be in a competitive position with other communities throughout the brateand the nation to attract new business and industry, which in turn brings jobs and people.
It will be noted that the recommendations are quite clear that the City does not have the tax base or the taxing potential to provide for all of the necessary public improvements. Therefore, itwill be necessary to qualify for various Federal assistance programs which can provide up to three-fourths Federal grants for most of the public improvements indi­cated.
This planning report has not been formally approved by the Planning Commission, nor yet recommended to the City Council. This report will be submitted firstly to the citizens for their review before the Commission schedules a public hearing on it in accordance with the State Statute?. The next step will be for the Commission to forward the report to the City Council with whatever modifications are deemed pertinent. Thereafter, the City Council will schedule another public hearing before adopting it, with or without further changes or modifications.
In view of the foregoing, we urge the citizens of Rich Hill to review this report and to present their views, preferably in writing, to the Com­mission either at or prior to the pubic hearing.

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