Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Kansas City Times Friday, July 5, 1968

Tonights blog information and pictures were sent to me by a long time resident of Rich Hill, Mo. She stated that they were printed in the Kansas City Times Friday, July 5, 1968. Thanks Peggy!
I appreciate the information I receive from the blog readers.
If there is anyone else reading this blog who has information or pictures they would like to share about the history of Rich Hill just forward it on to me.

The fourth of July is rapidly approaching, and Rich Hill is planning to have a fabulous July 4th celebration as they are famous for. Tonight's blog describes a couple of the July fourth celebrations from the past.

In the traditional Fourth of July parade at Rich Hill yesterday the crowd of about 6,000 persons seemed to enjoy the antique cars as much as the horses, floats and other attractions. Starting at 11 o'clock in the morning, the 88th annual event continued throughout the afternoon and evening, climaxing with a display of fireworks.
The Main Street of Rich Hill was cramped with rides, concessions and spectators beginning yesterday morning about 11 o'clock. Children made up most of the crowd of 6,000 that took part in the festivities, but many adults were just as excited as the youngsters.

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