Thursday, April 16, 2009

The First Rich Hill Ministerial Alliance Meeting

On October 16, 1961 the ministers of four churches in Rich Hill met at the Methodist church at 6:30pm for the purpose of forming a Ministerial Alliance, and to make plans for the forthcoming Union Thanksgiving Dervices; the churches represented and their Ministers are: Park Avenue Methodist Church, Rev, Rundel, Assembly of God Church, Rev. R. J. Foreman, Baptist Church, Rev. Knox, and the First Christian Church, Rev. L. Clyde Hall.
The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. Rundel; it was decided that as an Evangelistic service would be in progress at the Methodist Church that the Union Service would be at the Methodist church, with Rev. Knox bringing the message. The choir will be composed of members of all churches, and under the direction of Mrs. L. Clyde Hall. Rev. Rundel will prepare the programs.
In forming the Ministerial Alliance, Rev. R. J. Foreman was elected President, Rev. Rundel Vice President, Rev. L. Clyde Hall secretary, and Rev. Knox as Treasurer.
The date of the next meeting was set for November 4th at 8:30am to be at the Baptist church.
There being no further business at hand the meeting was closed and Rev. Hall gave the benediction.
Attested to by,
L. Clyde Hall, Secretary.

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