Sunday, April 26, 2009

City Hall and the Power Plant

This blog comes from the Dec.21 1922 Mining Review.
The pictures are the blueprints of the old power plant.

Mayor W.W. Jamison and members of the city council awarded the contracts Friday evening for the Electric light improvements and equipments and for the remodeling of the city hall. City Clerk Vogel and city engineer Arthur L. Mullergreen were present and assisted in the work. Although there were several bidders from Kansas City the contracts were awarded to Rich Hill men.
Power Plants Bids
There were six bids offered for electric light light improvements, but G Jaeger of this city was the lowest bidder and and awarded the contract. The bids were: G. Jaeger,combined bid,power plant and machinery,$23,330
W.C. Burns building, 14,555.
L.W. Cropper, Engineering Co. Kansas city, building $15,215
Carrothers & Pilburn Co. Kansas City, combined $29,490
Merkle Machinery Co. Kansas City, combined $26,900
Beason Machinery Co. Kansas City, machinery, $15,916
City Hall Bids.
In the city hall bids John Robertson, Rich Hill was awarded the contract for remodeling the building and Myron Sproul the concrete and stucco work.
The bids;
Myron Sproul, stucco and concrete floor work $871.25.
John Robertson, combined bid, stucco and floor remodeling building $2109.95
N.W. Ballfich, remodeling building $2535
O.A. Smith, remodeling building $1476
W.C. Burns, work complete, remodeling and stucco and concrete $2,856
G. Jaeger, combined $2525
The work on the electric power plant is to be started by Mr. Jaeger the contractor within 30 days and complete within 120 days.
The work of remodeling the city hall by Mr. Robertson, contractor is to be started within 5 days and completed in 30 days. The concrete work by Mr. Sproul, contractor, is given a reasonable time.
The present city hall structure will be reduced to one story building, and will be finished for all practical purposes for the transaction of municipal business and providing for the fire department headquarters, police department, city clerk and collectors offices.
The city power plant building will have a brick enclosure.
Wm Mudd awarded the contract for the galvanite roofing for the city hall building.


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