Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rich Hill Today by George B. Dowell August 1,1930

Tonight's blog is on former Mayor George Benjamin Dowell.George was mayor at the 50 year celebration and it appears that he worked very hard to make the celebration a great event. I found this article where he was concerned about Rich Hill of today and its future.
From the Bates County Republican August 1,1930
Without imaginative boosting it can truthfully be said that Rich Hill is growing,in spite of the inertia of conditions.The low ebb in Rich Hill History was in 1925.At that time a check showed over sixty empty houses in town,five empty business houses and a depression in every way.If Rich Hill's census had been taken at that time it would have looked very bad.
But then came Highway No.71.This may have hurt some towns but was the beginning of the new growth to Rich Hill.
Until No. 71 was built the towns in this part of the state had coal yards which shipped in Illinois coal by that strange freight rate which gave it an advantage. Now when anybody in these towns wants coal he calls his truck driver who comes to the Rich Hill Mines to get it.A check made last winter showed that a 100 diggers were busy supplying this business.The town filled up and growth began.
More coal shafts were sunk.More are now contemplated.For that reason it is no exaggeration when it is claimed that the coal industry is growing,and Rich Hill is the one Town between here and Kansas City with a real pay roll during the winter when most towns are without any.
Then about that time the school added Vocational Agriculture,Domestic Science,Teachers Training, Business Course and whether you not-football. All or these together have been swelling the non-resident attendance until each September it becomes a problem

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