Friday, November 4, 2011

Constable Queen, Shot in Rich Hill

Queen, Sam
Constable Queen, who was shot by a bandit at Rich Hill the early part of last week, died at his home in Hume last Friday morning. It is too bad that men should died in the performance of duty. -- Died at his Home in Hume Nov. 28 1913 in Hume Missouri.The Adrian Journal, December 4r, 1913, Page 4 column 2, Death
After the shooting shooting of Constable Queen at Rich Hill and tho offering of rewards by the Missouri Pacific railway company .
The Nevada Daily Mail says that it was Nov.of 1913 that Constable Queen was shoot in Rich Hill.The daily says that John Shead and Dale Jones were charged with desperate crimes committed in Kansas city.Constable Queen of Hume arrested Jones and Shead and took them to Rich Hill where he boarded the evening Missouri Pacific Train for Kansas City.Before the Train started the officer was attacked and shot and his prisoner's escaped Jones and Shead were charged with killing the constable and Shead was convicted at Butler but Dale Jones broke jail later escaped.(Jan.12,1914)Nevada daily Mail

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