Thursday, March 26, 2009

Souvenir Book

I found this interesting souvenir book at the library. There was no date in it. I would guess that the book was printed around the 1900's. The little booklet had some very interesting pictures, I wish that the pictures would have copied better.

Rich Hill was founded in the spring of 1880, and is situated in the southern part of Bates County on an elevated section of prairie overlooking the Marias des Cygnes river on the North and East, and as its name indicates is rich in natural wealth. The question of fuel for the city was settled by nature in the surrounding coal mines and for drainage by the rolling prairie. It is a city of churches, schools, and of manufacturing and mining industries; is surrounded by fine agricultural country: timber is abundant in the nearby river bottom. Ever since the organization of the town prosperity has marked its onward progress in the development of its material resources and moral advancement. Tens of thousands of dollar are invested in mining industries. The zinc smelters employs a large number of men constantly. The beautiful residences, handsome business blocks, elegant churches, industrial institutions, park and street scenes pictured in This booklet will tell the story of the city better than tongue or pen. Population 5000.
Harry B. Marsh, Pub. Rich Hill Tribune Print.
City Hall

Park Ave.

Presbyterian Church

West Park

Rich Hill Gas Plant


F&M Bank

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