Thursday, March 19, 2009

Model 32-E Stationary Diesels

When I started the blog I was in hopes of finding a lot of information on the City's past utilities and how they operated. I did find a book with information on this old Fairanks-Morse Diesel Engine. The city of Rich Hill still has two of these Model 32-E Engines, they haven't run in years. The City's Model 32 Engines are 4 cylinders where the engine pictured below are actually a 6cyl.
The information below the picture is page 4 out of the book I found.
Fairbanks-Morse Model 32-E Diesel Engines enjoy an unsurpassed record for over-all economy of operation and dependability in the stationary power plant field. Several hundred thousand horsepower of these engines are to be found in daily operation in central sta­tion power and light plants, manufac­turing plants, ice plants, flour mills, rock crushing plants, cotton gins, cot­ton seed oil mills, textile mills, irriga­tion and drainage pumping stations, and a host of similar installations in­cluding practically every requirement for primary power.

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