Tuesday, March 24, 2009

History of the Rich Hill Red Buds

Tonights Blog Comes from the Mining Review May 21, 1970

Above -Four Students in Vocational Agriculture department of Rich Hill High School, take time out from their planting of red bud trees to pose for a picture for their instructor, Milton Schnare. The boys are left to right Ivan Fisher,Roger Farrell, Dan Coffman and Dean Fisher.

In February 1958,the Community Garden club started a beautification program in Rich Hill. At a meeting of the club at that time the members voted to meet with the city council and get permission to plant twelve red bud trees in the East Park. Mayor Marvin Hurst and members of the council were delighted about the beautification program and voted to buy twelve trees. It was voted to plant the trees on each side of the walk in the East park.

Members of the city council thought it would be a good idea to plant two rows of trees in the space between the driveways on Park, between the park and 71 Highway. The garden, club and a number of interested per­sons joined with the city council and decided to solicit business people for money to buy the additional trees.Mrs. Marion Moreland, volunteered to solicit the downtown district and Mrs. Elmer Ellis volunteered to con­tact the business people on the highway. The money was soon obtained.

When the Boy Scout Troop and their leaders heard of the project they volunteered their services in planting of the trees and in the second week in April found Mayor Marvin Hurst, Street Commissioner Harry Davis, members of the Boy Scouts' and garden club mem­bers, in the park planting the trees.

Since that time several trees have died and this year fifteen trees were needed to replace the missing trees. The Review published an article about the needs. The necessary funds were given by several persons and the trees bought. At that time Milton Schnare, instructor of Vocational Agriculture in the Rich Hill High School and four of his students went to the park and planted the trees.
Those contributing money to the fund for the trees this year were Mrs. Ruth Welborn, Raymore, Mo. Postermaster James Wheatley, Security Bank, Fred Marquardt, Miss Mable Waston Mrs. Oreine Klumpp, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Newlin, Dr. and Mrs. Claude J. Allen, Mrs. Mary Northup, Mrs.Ruby Yarick Mrs. Ida Kenney, and Rich Hill Mining Review.
A large number of citizens, at different times, have suggested for this beautiful part of our town, such as Red Bud Lane. The project is one which every person who participated is justly proud.

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