Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rich Hill Mining Review May 17 1926 from Tom Perry's

Rich Hill Winner in Tennis Tournament
Rich Hill "Walloped"Butler and Adrian in the County Tennis Tournament held here Saturday.Five loving cups were offered and five is all we won.Ruth Pearson and Grace Lee West won the girls doubles championship, and Ruth Pearson decided it would be nice to win the girls singles.When Ruth sets her mind to do anything it is quite a hard job to change it,as her opponents found out,and so for the second time she is county champion having won the championship last year.
Herman Sick and Fred Marquardt helped fill the trophy case by winning the boys doubles,after getting hit(with the tennis ball)two or three times the net men from Adrian and Butler concluded that Herman and Fred were pretty good with a tennis racket and wouldn't venture up to the net again so that sport was ended. Fred got "hot" as he expressed it,and won the boys singles almost before Butler and Adrian knew what was going on.
Then just to be accommodating ,Fred played them a game.The singles men from Butler and Adrian received quite a lot of experience in the art of waving-that was about all they could do to the returns that Fred gave them.To sum the tournament up,Adrian played pretty poor and Butler was even worse.
Last spring at Butler,Rich Hill won the boys and girls doubles and singles and the girls singles, and this year we won everything.
Bruce Black of Butler , refereed the game.

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