Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rich Hill Basketball from the 1923 yearbook

Rich Hill Basketball Team 1922-1923
The boy's basketball team was very successful considering the fact that were not experienced in the art of Basketball.This being the second year that R.H.H.S. has had a boy's team for sometime and there were only two or three of the boy's that ever played before.
The personal of the team is follows: Chas. Foster and Willie Lowder at forward always play at their best.
Donald Fix and Wesley Thomas always do their duty at the guard with ease.
Orval Deputy at center can be credited as doing himself justice at the pivot position.
Roy Hickan and Charles Crabb as subs were always willing to do their bit in the game.
Next year it is hoped that a football team can be organized in order to create further interest in Athletics

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