Thursday, October 27, 2011

Map of Green Lawn Cemetery

I have made this map of Green Lawn Cemetery.If you have any questions about were your loved one's are buried ! Call Rich Hill City Hall at (417 395 2223)

In the beginning Green Lawn was only on the south side of the road. The cemeteries on the north side were Lutheran, Catholic and Robinsons. The Robinson cemetery was started as a family burial ground. Mr. Harve Robinson permitted his friends to have a burial plot without cost except for a small yearly fee to pay for main­tenance. The Catholic and the Lutheran were for the members of their congre­gations and were maintained by these groups. When the problem of main­tenance became evident, these groups decided to turn their cemeteries over to the City of Rich Hill.


Randy Allen said...
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Randy Allen said...

Thank you for posting this picture. I have been looking for a map of this cemetery in order to find my great-grandfather's youngest brother who is buried there. Your help in posting this is very appreciated.