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Street Signs 1969

This article comes from the Rich Hill Mining Review May 8 1969

This article comes from the Rich Hill Mining Review July 31 1969
CB Group asks Council to order Street Signs

.Contributions to the street sign fund are still arriving, however, we have just reached the half-way mark and much more is needed.If you have not sent your donation you may send it to the City Clerk, Rich Hill Mining Review, Marqaurdt Store, Klumpp Hardware, Dr. F. D. Inmon, Dave Clark, presi­dent of Community Betterment or to any business person in Rich Hill who will gladly give it to the fund.
. Mr. Clark President of Community Betterment met with the city council last week and asked if the council will order the signs within the next week which they agreed to do. It will require approximately a month for the company to fill the order, it is hoped that by that time most of the money to pay for them will have been raised.
.The cost of the signs and poles for each intersection is $12.00. Many persons have paid for one sign which is a big help, al­though any amount that can be given is appreciated. The street sign project has been kicked around several years by different organizations and now with all of them joining hands the signs will be a reality in a short time.

.Another project suggested to the city council by Mr. Clark was the repairing and refinishing the memorial 'entrance to Rich Hill at Highway 71 and Park avenue. The council gave Mr. Clark permission for the club to do the -necessary work, which, when completed will add much "to the entrance to Rich Hill. This memorial entrance was erected by the Craig-Wheel-er-Duzan Post, of the American Legion soon after World War I.
.Have you driven over town this summer and viewed the welLkept lawns at many homes It is true there area few vacant lots which need to be cleared of of weeds but as a whole the own is most attractive. Rich Hill has a number of show places. Look around you and see what you can do to help Rich Hill's beauty

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