Saturday, August 22, 2009

Editorial By Randy Bell Aug. 26 1982

The grass and weeds in the side­walks of downtown Rich Hill was a topic at a recent Chamber of Com­merce meeting. All agreed the ap­pearance of the business district could be enhanced with just a little effort. I chimed right in with the rest pointing out that just a few hours work could rid the area of the unwanted greenery.

Someone pointed out that the Review had quite a weed growing right by the door. Quickly I assured them that this magnificent speci­men was no weed but a valuable ornamental plant that I tended with daily care. I convinced no one.

The truth of it is that I had stopped one day, right before the Fourth, to pull this weed. It didn't yield quickly and I was in a hurry so I left it meaning to come back later and dig it out. A month later it was still there. However just a few days after the Chamber meeting I found the weed stuck in my screen doora reminder that improvement projects start close to home.

I really never noticed that weed much. Usually in a hurry I just went in the front door with head down not looking to the left or right. But you can bet others noticed it and all the other weeds and grass by the store fronts. It's like at home rushing to do some home repair before visitors arrive. As long as it's just the family you let it go, sometimes even for­getting the problem exists. But the thought of visitors seeing our short­comings brings on a flurry of activity.We have visitor’s everyday down­town.

Of the problems that exist for Rich Hill some will have to have long term solutions. But the prob­lems of grass and weeds can be licked in just one afternoon.

Saturday afternoon there going to be a workday for this very purpose.

If you own a business or building downtown this would be a good time to begin the clean up. If you can't make it yourself there are probably some young people around town willing to make a few dollars for back to school.

Pitch in. Let's start the ball rolling for some improvements not only in downtown Rich Hill but for the whole town.

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