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Rich Hill Mining Review January 11, 1979

Monday night's council meeting got underway on a slightly different note this week. Before the reading of the minutes Mayor Bill Thelen asked Mr. and Mrs. Willis Skaggs to come forward. The Skaggs' home was damaged by fire earlier in the week. Thelen presented them with several checks from various donors including the city, and made mention of several other donations of goods to the couple.
After the presentation the council settled down to busi­ness. The main topic of dis­cussion center around the water tower. Two leaks from the tower combined with the freezing weather providing a spectacular ice scene for travelers on Walnut Street. However, the scene provided another type picture to the councilmen - an expensive one. Both city pumps have to be used more due to the leaks to keep up the water supply, according to city clerk Marcelle Marquardt.

.Alderman Blackie Robert­son suggested a warning be placed in the paper cautioning people that water pressure might be low especially in case of a fire. A caution was also given to stay away from the tower due to the danger of falling ice.

A tower repair company was scheduled to arrive in Rich Hill on Wednesday to assess the problem. The leak, at the bottom appears to be caused by natural erosion, said Mayor Thelen. However, the one with the water spurting out could. be man-made, he said. He mentioned that several street lights were shot out recently on Park Avenue. Replacement of street lights costs the city $6-10,000.00 a year, much of which is caused by vandalism, he said.

The mayor informed the council that a HUD waterline grant application was mailed Monday night. The application requested funds for water line improvements in the south­west and northeast section of town.

The application was for a of $186,000 $105,000 in the southwest and $81,000 in the northeast.

Police Judge Herb covey informed the council that effective February 1, court would be held at 9 a.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday in the city hall chambers. He also suggested that court costs be raised from $10 to $12. To enact the raise in an amendment in the city ordinance would have to be made. No action was taken on it.

Thelen read aletter from the Nevada-Vernon County Chamber of Commerce thanking the mayor for his aid in helping find funding for a secretarial posiotion in their office.

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