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The Rich Hill tribune., May 19, 1910 {Class of 1910}

The Rich Hill tribune., May 19, 1910  {Class of !910}
Commencement Exercises
The commencement  exercises of the graduating class of the Rich Hill School for 1910 was held at the opera house last night and was a success in every particular. 
A large crowd witnessed the performance of the play "The Professor"and the manner in which it was produced reflect great credit  both on the Students and their director Mr. Beninsley.
     The Valedictory and Salutatory addressed were well gotten up and excellently delivered.The music was beautiful and the class address  very interesting and taken all together we believe that in the annals of Rich Hill High School history,the class of 1910 will long be looked upon as a banner class.  


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the 1910 Graduation picture. My Grandmother is Laura Heck. The clipping also mentions J.J Heck as Director of Education. He is Laura's father and my Great Grandfather. Is he the person in the middle of the staff pictures? There is no name below and we have no pictures of him.
Jim Craig Grandson of Cleo Craig and Laura Heck.

Bart McClaughry said...

Jim ,Thanks for the comment, I am not sure who the picture in the middle .Will do some checking.
Thanks again

Steve Heck said...

I actually found a photo of J.J. Heck here.

The text has J.J. Hick instead of J.J. Heck. I think I have photos of him too but I need to check.

Steve Heck
Son of James E. Heck who passed away June 1, 2015

Steve Heck said...

By the way my Grand Mother was Edith Hoover (in class photo).

Steve Heck